You may address me as Princess or Mistress Anasia (Ana-si-a). I am a strict, stern, and powerful Dominatrix standing at just 5 feet tall which makes bringing a weak subject to its knees even more satisfying. I am a firm believer in Female Supremacy and am on a life mission to lock all men away in chastity, believe me.. it’s good for you. I have an endless thirst for control in regard to all aspects of a slave’s life ranging from orgasm control, financial control, tech control, diet control, etc. I enjoy putting a submissive in a deep subspace and fucking its mind from the inside out. Psychological domination is just one of my many specialties. I am a sadist and enjoy deep organic experiences. Depending on the subject’s “vibe” I can enjoy sensual tease and torment or mean heart-wrenching humiliation which ends in painful tears from you but a beautiful smile from me. Once somebody serves me they will find that my interests become theirs. You may approach to simply worship my perfect breasts and then realize your true place is beneath the soles of my feet. Now be a good slave and respectfully approach to serve.