Want to know more about Me? Perk those little ears up and read carefully

My desire is to push you clear over the edge and deep into my never ending rabbit hole. I want to watch you break and crumble in my beautiful hands as I smile at you and tell you “I want more”. I enjoy every moment of my Superior life knowing you will never stop begging Me to push you down even deeper. I love nothing more than gaining the leverage and consent I need to dive deep into your head and fuck it from the inside out. My psychological mind fuck knows no end and has no bounds. Humiliating you, teasing you and completely manipulating you to the point where you are absolutely helpless to my wishes, commands and desires. In fact, you will welcome them with everything in you.

I will leave you with this…

My cravings will become your dreams and I will stop at nothing to bend your will, steal your soul and permanently enslave you into becoming Mine.

Now be a good boy and take a trip down my rabbit hole.. choose your vice.